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Super Hero Converse Shoes

If you are a comic book lover then you already know about superhero Converse sneakers. However, if this is new to you, then read on and I will tell you all about it. If you want to wear your geek badge then what better way to that than with superhero sneakers. You can wear Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, or even Joker sneakers. These awesome shoe line is as nerdy and colorful as you hope they would be. It actually looks like a comic book page printed on your shoe!

Why hide the fact that you are a geek? Geeks own the world in this day and age of computers and the Internet. The best way to show how much of a DC comics aficionado you are is to wear superhero Converse shoes. These shoes are like Chuck Taylors but with colorful and awesome comic book designs. Wear it proudly, wear it like a champ! Just imagine, wearing a batman superhero Converse shoes on that awesome Dungeons & Dragons marathon RPG session with your buddies. You will be the center of attention and will
leave your nerdy friends green with envy.

Since these sneakers were patterned after Chuck Taylors it means that it is comfortable and durable. Aside from that, the artwork in these superhero Converse shoes is classic comic book designs that are made to last for a long time. It won't wear down with repeated use and it can be washed easily without damaging the high-quality materials.   

If you are a fan of Batman, you can't go wrong purchasing the Batman or the Joker shoes. As a matter of fact, the Joker shoe is quite amazing to look at. It is primarily colored blue with "Hahaha" typography as background, while a cool drawing of the Joker holding a card is dominant print on the heel area.

The Batman sneakers is not too shabby as well. It is colored yellow and blue with the classic Batman in a dark blue costume seemingly ready to pounce at whatever crime he will encounter that night.

If you are a fan of the Man of Steel, there is a Superman sneakers that you can buy. The iconic hero is depicted on the shoe in all his super-powered glory. The Man of Tomorrow is in an action pose where it looks like he is ready to put on super speed and save Lois yet again.     

There are other DC characters you can choose from aside from the ones mentioned above. You can buy the Emerald Knight, Green lantern sneakers. You can take the Flash shoes and paint the town red. There is also the Catwoman superhero sneakers that is just a purrfect gift for that trendy and sporty girl in your life.

Each one of these superhero Converse sneakers promises a sense of adventure and the gift of imagination. If you are a comic book fan - no matter how old you are - this line of sneakers will blow you away. Every time you wear these super sneakers you are sharing a small part of yourself and how proud you are of your nerdy culture.